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The Past Determines the Future

The blockchain, a decentralized public ledger, has been voted one of the most innovative solutions of the 21st century. However, few places have yet to take advantage of its capabilities. Who better to change that than the Marianas, one of the regions to make use of the original public ledger, the Raistone. The past determines the future, and the future is Rai!

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Welcome to the future

RaiPay has many exciting features in development

Make Payments

With RaiPay, Saipan can enjoy a touchless online and in-person checkout experience at over a dozen businesses!

Pay Bills

With RaiPay, you can pay your CUC bill in a few clicks. Stop waiting in line. Spend time on the things that matter.


With RaiPay, you no longer need a credit card to get points. The more you spend the better the reward!


RaiPay is bringing identification into the 21st century. Leave your ID at home, you got your phone

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